Blue Flame

by Basement Baby

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released July 29, 2014

Andrew Bloom - Bass and Vocals
Anthony Klimek - Guitar and Vocals
Charles Wicklander - Keys
Brad Robinson - Drums

Songs written and engineered by Andrew Bloom
Artwork By Gabriela Bloom
Mastered By Mell Dettmer



all rights reserved


Basement Baby Seattle, Washington

It's time for breakfast! But this morning don't listen to your eggs. Crack into the unquiet delights of Basement Baby. You will be aroused, feel your nerves heightening; your arms like floppy pudding--but hold on for the ride.
Featuring bass, guitar, drums and keys, this group from the rainy runoff of Seattle streets has raised a child all their own, a rude child who will defy all expectations.
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Track Name: Blue Flame
I was minding my own business
Thinking of when times were simple
Well, I guess they never were
But you can go on pretending they were

You've been touched by the blue flame
And things will never be the same

Floating, fluttering spirits
Fly past my window every night
They might all just be illusions
But you can never really tell

You can call it what you like
But I like to fly into the blue yonder
If I never make it back
Tell everybody that I love you
Track Name: Moonlight
Worry, it's too unnerving
I don't think that it could ever hurt me
And if you think I should be sorry, I could never be
'Cause though the words pass through my lips they didn't come from me

If you never even listen, you can never hear it glisten
Moonlight, pass through my window
I see you but I cannot touch your face
You are too far away

You think too much about the future
You forget that it will never get there
Simple things bring satisfaction if you want them to
You just have to realize they're all just things to do

You would be so lost without me
I don't mean to say that is a bad thing
I just want to show you that this moment is a gift
This will give your happiness an everlasting lift
Track Name: Really Strange Lover
Really strange lover
I wrote this song about you
It's so hard to find each other
I am so glad I found you

Do you remember the day
When you first looked my way
Oh we danced in colored rain
And it was so strange
So strange, so strange

Don't you tell me no lie
When I ask you just why
Does it have to be so strange
So strange, so strange
So strange, so strange

When you opened my eyes
I had not realized
We could be so open and free
We could be who we be
Just you and just me
So strange, so strange
So strange, so strange
Track Name: Rainbow Bridge
In the candy colored cable
Twisted forest tells a fable
Of the peasant in the stable
Who will go if he is able
To war
He has no children of his own

You will touch the other
And soon there'll be another
Keep your wits don't have a fit
All our minds together
Are tethered through the ether
They form a bridge the rainbow bridge
The rainbow bridge

Going deep within your dreams
You can see some future scenes
You'll see visions crystal clean
What is it that you will glean?
From him
The dark god of your fantasy

All in all for all their kindness
Or because of all their blindness
They thought that they could ever find us
But their searching was so mindless
The eye
Yes she will guide us through the light
Track Name: Azazel
I was dancing in the fire
Skating on that thinnest ice
I was feeling pretty clever
Things were going pretty nice

Things will come together if you do it with your heart
But if you don't you may as well never even start

Azazel in your mind
He's taking up your time
The devil's in your way you can't get away

I always bet on triple seven
Between the goat's head and the snake
I always thought I'd go to heaven
There must have been some big mistake

Things will come together if you do it with your mind
But if you don't you may as well leave it all behind

We could be so good together
Evil minds that think alike
If you show me all your treasure
Then I'll tell you what I like

Things will come together if you know the reason why
But if you don't you may as well never even try