Basement Baby

by Basement Baby

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The psychedelic debut of the underground Seattle legend... Basement Baby!


released January 1, 2014

Andrew Bloom-Bass/Vocals
Anthony Klimek-Guitar/Vocals
Jake Cassell-Drums/Vocals
Dillon Warnek-Background vocals on "Under the Rose"
Eric Flagstead-Background vocals on "Shining Through"
All songs written, engineered and produced by Andrew Bloom
Album design by Johnny Lucus
Lettering by Gabriela Bloom
Mastered by Jack Endino



all rights reserved


Basement Baby Seattle, Washington

It's time for breakfast! But this morning don't listen to your eggs. Crack into the unquiet delights of Basement Baby. You will be aroused, feel your nerves heightening; your arms like floppy pudding--but hold on for the ride.
Featuring bass, guitar, drums and keys, this group from the rainy runoff of Seattle streets has raised a child all their own, a rude child who will defy all expectations.
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Track Name: Boaz and Jachin
Boaz and Jachin
Time and time and time and time again
Light the fire and strike the tin
Boaz and Jachin

Night becomes dawn, and then breaks the day
Singing their songs, the birds fly away
Stone becomes sand, as we're growing old
The lead in your hand has turned into gold

Always it goes, until it returns
You'll never know unless you can learn
That we're on a ride and the stakes are so high
But you can't get off, cause that's when you die

Who are the fathers, and who are the mothers
Who are the sisters, and who are the brothers
A square and a compass, for geometry
'Cause I'm a Freemason, thirty-third degree

We are the mothers and the fathers
We are the sons and the daughters
You are the everlasting children
Of that very first faithful pilgrim
Track Name: Under the Rose
Let me tell you 'bout a girl I know
She's got it goin' and I love her so
Brown eyes and dark brown hair
I want to take her with me everywhere

Under the Rose
Girl I love you like nobody knows

Well the sun is a golden phallus
It's just a branch in the mind of Valis
And that's a secret that you ought to know
But you don't know what you already know

Oooh, I need your love
Oh girl you know I live for your love
Come on girl, you know what I need
Oh baby let me plant my seed

Broken light shines through the trees
I got my love in the summer breeze
We are curled by the riverside
I got a love I could never hide

Well fear's the lock and love is the key
Oh girl I need you to stand by me
When I'm with you it seems like a dream
The foggy recollection of a dream...
Track Name: The Veil
Got to live on the edge
Got to live in a dream
The silver haze is moonlit
And we are where we wanted to be

I kiss you under the waterfall
By the moon's shallow glow
We ran across the crystal lake
Tearin' up the virgin snow

The mist rides in on winds of change
Enveloping us alone
All I need's your sweet embrace
It's every little thing you know

The universal Panacea
Is right in front of you
That's what happens when you die
You become a star in the sky
Track Name: New Sensation
I wanna be the new sensation
To bring to you by innovation
Another order of good vibrations
I wanna be the new sensation

Oh, the time, where has it gone
Oh I feel so old and my spirit lingers on
Oh the day is wasted as the minutes fade away
I don't know what to do and I can't think of what to say

Oh, the sun, is very nearly gone
And my breath is so cold and my shadow is so long
And I wonder why there're all these questions left unknown
And I patiently await all those mysteries to come

Oh, my mind, is ever on the brink
And I feel the earth as if I'm starting to sink
And I fear that the end is much closer than we think
So I'll write it down with my everlasting ink
Track Name: Clovers
Last night I dreamt
I dreamt of a shadow
Of a shadow
Fade into black
Never coming back

Oh my lord what could it be
The eternal mystery

Underneath the ground
Beneath a bed of clovers
A bed of clovers
Mist on the sea
Fade from my view

Look where you stand
Beyond the threshold
Beyond the threshold
Here is my soul
Fade into the void
Track Name: Cartwheel
I was walking around
With my head in the ground
Until I heard a big sound
But there was no one around
So I made a reaction
And you can hear what I found

Nothing's certain but change
Nothing stays the same

I was way out of range
Everything was so strange
All a sudden it rained
Swirling down the drain
And I think it's a shame
To feel every bit of your pain

I was walking away
I thought I heard someone say
You gotta pick up the pieces
You gotta live day by day
You gotta do what I say
You gotta make time to play
Track Name: The Pomegranate
You were sleeping in the garden
To awaken with a startle
Find yourself lost deep in forest
At a party dark and sordid
Devil greets you: "pleased to meet you,
How'd you like some fruit of Eden?"
I would like that very much
I would like that very much

You will find the horned god Pan
Standing in the pentagram
At the bloody witches' sabbath
Kill the blind god Yaldabaoth
Silver star shall bless your planet
With the gift of evolution
Wouldn't you like that very much
Wouldn't you like that very much

As I eat this pomegranate
All the juice runs down my fingers
As I eat this pomegranate
All the juice it stains on my clothes

Masks are hiding faceless patrons
Don the axe and don the apron
Join the feast of all your senses
Tear down all your walls and fences
Build a statue ten feet tall
Then burn it down to cinders small
Wouldn't you like that very much
Wouldn't you like that very much

In the garden you awoke
To find it was all but a joke
But pomegranate you were eating
Vague impressions dark and fleeting
Was it all just fantasy
Or was the dream a memory
I would like that very much
I would like that very much
Track Name: The Stoned Age
I'm walkin' around
A prehistoric age
Fungus on the ground
That I just ate

I see my singin' like some liquid language lyre
If you would come with my our love could take us higher

My brothers and me
Are walkin' down the trail
We're lookin' to find
The holy grail

I'm lookin' at you
I see you look at me
One and one make two
Two and one make three
Track Name: No Tomorrow
I was told you can't go very far at all
That's because your mind is all you'll ever see
If you know this you can go so very far
So come with me and fantasy will set you free

Oh, the pain
Oh, the sorrow
So much pain
No tomorrow

If I live to see the day
Come and take me away
If I live to see tomorrow
Come and take away all of my sorrow
Track Name: Shining Through
I found out
Without the shadow of a doubt
That this world of ours
Is a sick and evil place
And that everything's a waste
And we're headed face to face
With our self-projected
Super ego-spheres

And this world is a mirror
In its beauty and its power
And then suddenly it's clearer
In this interview turned sour
That I can see the light that's shining through
I can see the light that's shining through

I got to see
That the world's my enemy
Just consuming endless
And that everything is fake
And what you see is what you take
You don't consume it
No, it consumes you

We've been beaten and reduced
Without a treaty or a truce
And the war is in your mind
'Cause it is nowhere you can find
And there's never enough time
And it's weighing on my mind
And this world is just a trick
Cause it is gone with just a flick
Track Name: Bohemian Grove
Last night
I was strolling along
I was going to
The Bohemian Grove
The Bohemian Grove
Is where I found my love
I found my love at the Bohemian Grove

What else
Can I do?
But keep on
Loving you
In the day and in the night
I've got to keep you in my sight

Oh girl, I love you
I think only of you
Standing beneath that Moloch statue
Track Name: Dog Days
Well it's hot in the summer
And some aliens
Drop by in the middle
Of the long dark sweaty night
And there's no one there in sight
Except the silver star in the sky

'Cause it's
Dog days
Dog days
Dog, dog, dog days

Well you're flying high
Way up in the sky
But you don't know where
They're taking you tonight
'Cause All you see is light
Just the silvers star in the sky

It's time to get Sirius

Well they're telling you
All the secrets of
The universe
But you don't understand a word
It's in some language you've never heard
Of the silver whirly bird

Well it seemed like a dream
But you're back in the dome
And it's the same old place
Except that you're in ancient Rome
And you can't find your way home
'Cept for the silver star in the sky
Track Name: Eros and Thanatos
Eros and thanatos
Trippin' through time like an ancient ghost
The turning of the wheel
The start of the ordeal
Tell me is this real
And tell me
How do you feel?

I just want to touch the music
And I just want to feel the sun
And everyone is disillusioned
'Cause they don't seem to act as one

And so it goes on

When I seem to get that feeling
Take me down that rabbit hole
Show me your eternal bliss
The well that gushes forth

Your love is death's embrace

Love and death were born together
For to the end all things are tethered
Fear not the end my dear friends
For ends are all just new beginnings

The intertwining vines